The project Non4mal 4 All

Erasmus+, KA2
Project number: 2016-1-RO01-KA201-024566
01.09.2016- 31.08.2018

The Non4mal 4all project has as main objectives:

  • Increase active participation of the students with special needs in school life and social life through non-formal methods;
  • Enable teachers with methods of non-formal education and strategies to develop inclusive games that will involve all students in the social group;
  • Support inclusion of the students with SEN in mainstream schools.

To achieve these objectives, it was intended:

  • To create a course-curricula for training the teachers in using non-formal activities and inclusive games designed for a diverse groups of students;
  • To train at least 25 teachers from each partner in using non-formal activities and inclusive games in the curricular and extracurricular activities;
  • To exchange good practices of non-formal activities and inclusive games for supporting inclusive environments in schools;
  • To create a Guide-Book of best practice of non-formal activities for all, inspiring others in implementing this strategy.

The results and activities will focus on:

  • 2 Intellectual Outputs:
    1. Non-formal for all: Training Course for Teachers
    2. Guide-book: Collection of Inclusive Games and Non-formal Activities for All
  • 1 International Conference
  • 12 Teachers Trainers with Certificate of Trainer in Non-formal Activities for All
  • 150 Teachers Trained in Non-formal Activities for All

  • 60 Teachers Trained Internationally with Europass Document
  • 18 Students participating in an European Project
  • Project Website, Project newsletter (7 editions)
  • At least 60 Inclusive Classes involved in the Project
  • At least 60 Non-formal Inclusive Activities for Inclusive Groups of Students/month/ 14 months